Letter – English

Bringing refugees safely from Greece to Germany!
Since the Balcan route has been closed at the end of February 2016, it became a habit to
mark European borders by police, militia and barbed wire fence.
Ten thousands of people are stuck in Greek camps. Among them, children, wives and
husbands from refugees that currently live in our town.
Separated by the getaway, family members in Mainz are scared to death and worried
about their loved ones. When will they meet again?
Parts of our society view the refugees as a problem, a threat; even though they have just
escaped from war, persecution and death!
For those in Greece, there is almost no chance of granted asylum. Instead, they are likely
to be sent back. To Turkey.
After the closure of the camp in Idomeni, the catastrophe has been put away from our TV
screens. But they suffer!
Left alone by the government, they try to survive in tents and camps without being able to
make use of human rights!
The hygiene and medical aid are almost non-existing. Also nourishment is insufficient in
those camps. The people are waiting without hope for a change.
The removal from Idomeni was not a solution, it led to the people being forgotten and the
political process being stagnated.
Human rights can not be suspended! Human dignity has to be honoured. Valued. The
other EU states seem to shut their eyes rather than showing heart for the needy.
Of the 17 209 promised admissions, only 194 were fulfilled until September.
This makes it so important and inevitable to take a stand and set an example! Excluding
misery by fences and missiles is not finding a solution.
If we shut our eyes, we withdraw from responsability. The city of Mainz proves again to be
open-minded and solidary: Many churches and communtities support the refugees.
There is still room for those who are in Greece! We will not shut our eyes. We have our
hearts and eyes wide open.
We ask the city council of Mainz to agree to allowing in refugees from Greece. It needs to
be assured that they safely come to Germany.
*1 EU-Kommission, Department Migration and Home Affairs (08.09.16). State of Play –
*AStA der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität
*Bündnis Miteinander Gonsenheim
*Flüchtlingshilfe Mainz
*Initiativausschuss für Migrationspolitik in Rheinland-Pfalz
*Kirche in Aktion
*Ökumenische Flüchtlingshilfe Oberstadt
*Teachers on the Road
*Alexander Chatzigeorgiou (Rechtsanwalt; Vorsitzender der IG Layenhof e.V.)
*Dr. Anette Schmitt (Mitarbeiterin am Institut für Politikwissenschaft der JGU)
*Ulla Brede-Hoffmann (ehem. MdL und Ortsvorsteherin)
*Christine Kuhn (Mitarbeiterin des ZDF)
*Daniel Köbler (MdL, Fraktion GRÜNE)
*Prof. em. Dr. Franz Hamburger (Professor für Erziehungswissenschaft mit dem
Schwerpunkt So- zialpädagogik an der JGU)
*Prof. Dr. Gerhard Trabert (Arzt für Notfall-/ Allgemeinmedizin; Professor für Sozialmedizin/
– psychatrie; Buchautor; Vorsitzender bei Armut und Gesundheit e.V.)
*San.-Rat Dr. med. Günter Gerhardt (Lehrbeauftragter der JGU Mainz; Vorsitzender Ärzte-
Forum RLP)
*Dr. med. Stefan Hub (Chefarzt für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie)
*Sven Hieronymus (Mainzer Comedian, Moderator, Sänger und Autor)
*Tabea Rößner (MdB, Fraktion B’90/ GRÜNE)